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“We Vow To End Dowry” Campionites Holds Collage and Painting Competition
“Dahej-Ek Samajik Abhishaap”,“Taking dowry is no grace, its disgrace to our own race”, “Avoid dowry, marry for harmony”, “don’t sell yourself, have self confidence”, “avoid taking dowry”, “lead a glorious life don’t search for a share holder”, “Select a life-partner, condemn dowry deaths, by not demanding dowry refuse dowry, diffuse dowry deaths“ and many more eye opener quotes put on the collage and painting for the Social Cause on “Dowry System” by the Artistic and Brilliant Students of Campion School Arera Colony Bhopal. The students from different classes participated in School Collage Competition based on the topic of “Dahej-Ek Samajik Abhishaap”.
‘Dowry’ according to the dictionary, means the property which a woman brings to her husband at the time of her marriage.  Originally, it must have meant property represented by the voluntary gifts given to the girl by her parents, relatives and friends out of love and affection, at the time of her marriage. But as time passed, the system degenerated into an evil custom.  It came to be looked upon as an evil and a curse. After so many years of Independence of India still this Evil custom is alive in our Society. The main objective or Endeavour to organise this “Collage making competition” based on the topic “Dahej-Ek Samajik Abhishaap” is to create awareness on this Social topic and to spread a positive message in the Society through these messages written on the Collage against “Dowry System” held recently in school itself.
The students of Campion School on- Spot Collaged, Designed and painted their perceptions on paper about the topics or conveyed their thoughts and ideas about the theme.  Meaningful Collage, Designs, inscriptions brought out on canvas and displayed their artistic skills. 
On this occasion Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., said “The main aim to organise this type of activity in school to create awareness in the youth regarding this evil custom named “Dowry”.  In order to root out the evil of dowry from the society, we shall have to build up a strong public opinion against it.  Boys and girls in schools and colleges should be made to take a pledge that they would neither seek nor give dowry. If we succeed in removing the evil of dowry, it will be really a praiseworthy achievement. Such competitions will bring out their brilliant ideas and innovations which can enrich society.”
Fr. Principal and vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., give their best wishes and motivated to all the students who were participated in this Social Cause competition.

Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J.
 Principal , 
Campion School, Bhopal.

Posted on: 15/02/2017