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“How to Improve the Education in school from Better to Best” “Development of Students, Teachers and Education” 21st Century Education Orientation Programme & Seminar

                                    18 JUNE 2017


“How to Improve the Education in school from Better to Best” “Development of Students, Teachers and  Education”

 21st Century Education Orientation Programme & Seminar

An interactive 02 days Orientation programmes or Seminar along with Tata Edge Class Workshop was conducted on 16th June to 17 June 2016 at Campion School Arera Colony Bhopal; under the guidance of Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., principal of Campion School Bhopal. All the teachers of the Primary and Secondary Section were participated in this orientation programme and seminar. The main objective of conducting this orientation programme is to guide and prepare all the teacher’s for “How to Improve the Education in school from Better to Best” “Development of Students, Teachers and  Education” and to transform a teacher into learning and creative teacher. The workshop began with an introductory session wherein the teacher participants were introducing each other in this round. The introductory session was followed by a discussion on the weakness and strength of teacher during the teaching-learning process, awareness of which is essential for expected result. Each participant explored and understood the fundamental elements of being an effective educator of every subject.


The idea behind to conduct this Orientation programmes or Seminar is to highlights of thoughts and views of the teachers and for the teachers. This programme is conducted by the Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., Fr. Principal stressed on “Value based education to the students, how to handle the students carefully and lovingly, having cordial relationship with students and giving good examples to them in the teaching-learning process. He also told them to have better understanding of the problems of students and thus to guide them, counsel them in order to know their strength and weakness. This way the inculcating the value of self discipline in students by the teachers was stressed more without hurting the emotion of young students. Finally he told them to apply five steps of Jesuit teaching, i.e. Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, namely-Context-experience-reflection-action-evaluation as teaching methodology in the arena of education”.

 The major components of Orientation Programmes are: Value based education, Role of school in students’ life, changing face of Teaching, Role of Effective Communication (Verbal/Non Verbal), Time stress and Management, How to teach the students of 21st Century, Awareness of linkages among Society, Environment, Education & Development. Philosophy of Education, Indian Education System and Pedagogy. Background for enriching Subject Knowledge. Personality Development and Management. Information Technology and Computer Awareness. Communication skills: Verbal and non-verbal, Thinking skills and scientific temper, Creativity, Leadership, team building and work culture, Administrative skills: Decision-making, service rules, human relations and interpersonal effectiveness, Educational management: Institutional management, management of committees, examinations, hobby clubs, sports and co-curricular activities, Student guidance and counselling, Mental health: Attitudes and values, Career planning, time management, Teacher effectiveness: Qualities of an effective teacher, code of conduct, accountability and empowerment.

The workshop concluded with distribution of prizes to the outstanding participants, who were also appreciated by Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J. On this Occasion Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., Vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., Superior Fr. Christdhari kujur S.J., Bursar Fr. Sanjay Kujur S.J., Fr. Kapil, Headmistress Sr. Pramila A.C., Sr. Cresentia A.C., Sr. Chitra along with Senior teaching staff were also present.


Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J.



Campion School, Arera Colony Bhopal.

Posted on: 21/06/2017