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“Campionites” Celebrated The Feast Of “St. Ignatius Loyola” With Great Devotion, Full Zeal And Enthusiasm

“Campionites” Celebrated

The Feast Of  “St. Ignatius Loyola”

With Great Devotion, Full Zeal And Enthusiasm

“The more completely we focus our attention on our Creator and Lord, the less chance there is of our being distracted by creatures. “ This is the word of Saint. The Feast Day of “St. Ignatius Loyola” For The Greater Glory Of God was celebrated today in a very special and Spiritual Way with great Devotion, fervour, Enthusiasm and zeal in the “LOYOLA AUDITORIUM” of the Campion School, Arera Colony Bhopal. Special prayers will mark the celebrations of the feast of “St Ignatius of Loyola”. The event was presided over by the Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., & the school Superior Fr. Christdhari Kujur S.J.

This Feast is celebrated in the memory of St. Ignatius Loyola; who was a Spanish knight and aristocrat, founded the congregation of “Society of Jesus”(S.J.) , popularly known as “Jesuits” in 1540. He instructed the early Jesuits to go out and “Find God in all things”- the signature spirituality of the Jesuits. The Society of Jesus (S.J.) is the largest order of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church, with almost 17,000 members serving in 112 countries. One of the founding principles of the Society of Jesus was “The education of children and unlettered persons.” The Jesuits established their first school in 1548. Today, the Jesuits run more than 2,300 schools in 67 countries. Georgetown University, founded in 1789, is the oldest Jesuit school in the United States. Campionites celebrated the lasting legacy of “St. Ignatius of Loyola”. Campion School is a “Jesuit Institution”. More than 50 years of Campion School rooted in Jesuit tradition.

The programme commenced solemnly by grand welcoming the Fathers and Brothers from their residence to the Loyola auditorium by the students. We then proceeded with the traditional lighting of the lamp & felicitation of fathers and brothers with bouquets of flowers and greeting cards. Lighting of the lamp done by Guests of honour Superior and Mgr. Fr. Christdhari kujur S.J., Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., Headmistress Sister Pramila A.C., Bursar Fr. Ashok S.J., Fr. Sylvanus, Fr. Deepak, Fr. Kapil, Brother Arnold, Sr.Cresentia H.C.,Sister Chitra A.C. along with Management member Shri Mahendra Kothari.

Posted on: 29/07/2017