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Campion School Students brings Laurels to City “Soham” And “Pranav” Bags 1st Rank & Gold Medal In Madhya Pradesh Zone Six Campionites holds All Three Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies and Medals FTRE-“FIIT-JEE Talent Reward Examination”
 “A Goal without a Plan is just a wish”, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure”. ”Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” By keeping these inspirational quotes in his mind, Six Brilliant Students of Campion School Arera Colony Bhopal, “Soham Durgadas Gondane”, “Sanidhya Katiyar”, “Utkarsh Solanki”, “Pranav Garg”, “Aryan Harwani” and “Abhilash Datta” from Secondary Section senior Classes did the INSTITUTION, BHOPAL CITY and MADHYA PRADESH state proud again by bags all the three Medals ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and Bronze along with all the three ‘Trophies’ and “Certificate Of Excellence” respectively and securing Top 03 Ranks in Top 10 Students in this Competition on State Level.
FIITJEE conducted FTRE (Fiitjee Talent Reward Examination) recently. Different CBSE schools, Private Schools students were participated. Among those brilliant students, Campionites won awards at the State Level (zonal) and secured position on National level. “Soham Durgadas Gondane”, Std.VI th Securing 1st position in Zone and Gold medal and Trophy in Maths overall got Gold medal, “Sanidhya Katiyar” Std.VII th securing 2nd position in zone and overall Silver medal and Trophy, “Utkarsh Solanki” Std.IX th securing 3rd position in zone Bronze medal in science Bronze medal in and Trophy in Maths, “Pranav Garg” Std.X th securing 1st position in Maths with Gold medal and Gold Trophy overall Bronze medal, “Aryan Harwani” Std.X th securing 2nd position in zone with Silver medal and Trophy and “Abhilash Datta” Std.XI th securing Gold medal in Chemistry with Gold medal and Trophy respectively. All the students gave their Extra-ordinary performance in this state level exam under the Guidance of the senior most Teacher Mr. Mahendra Kothar Sir(Computer Lecturer) and the examination coordinator. 
All the Three Trophies Gold, Silver and Bronze along with Medals given to Campion School and Zonal toppers  received by Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., along with Most Senior Teacher Mr.Mahendra Kothari Sir. Best Co-ordinater Trophy given to Senior Teacher Mr.Mahendra Kothari Sir. 
Campion School Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., and Vice Principal Fr. Ajay kumar Kerketta S.J., has Congratulated Mr. Mahendra Kothari and all the six students for making School proud and give their warm wishes for upcoming future exams.

Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J.
Campion School, Arera Colony Bhopal.

Posted on: 11/09/2017