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“Championship of Champions All India Invitational National Karate Championship-2017” Karate Kids “Divyansh and Shourya” Bags Gold Medal Holds “Trophy” and “Certificate”
“Karate aims to build character, improve human behaviour, and cultivate modesty; it does not, however, guarantee it.” ..., "Karate is about discipline and the first discipline is showing up for class."..., “Karate begins and ends with courtesy”...By keeping these inspirational quotes in their minds, The Karate Kids Master “Divyansh Boraiya” and Master “Shourya Telang” from primary section of Campion school are motivated and gave their Excellent or Best performance in “Championship of Champions All India Invitational National Karate Championship-2017” and bags 2 Gold Medals along with Trophy and Certificate respectively.
This “All India Invitational National Karate Championship-2017” authorised by Karate Association of India, Recognized by Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) held recently this month in ‘Apano Rajasthan Holiday Resort, Sikar road Jaipur Rajasthan’ organised by “J.D. Karate Academy(Governed by Karate Do Development society). In this Championship Wonder Karate Kids Champions from Campion family Master “Divyansh Boraiya” and Master “Shourya Telang” students from primary section did the institution, proud again by their excellent or extraordinary performance and Bags 2 Gold medals, Certificates along with Trophy in the boys age group of 9 yrs. under “Kata” and “Kumite” category of karate championship. In this National Level karate championship competition hundreds of students from different CBSE and private schools from different States of All over India were also participated. 
Headmistress Sister Pramila A.C., Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra, S.J. and Vice-Principal Fr. Ajay Kerketta, S.J., congratulated both the students on their excellent and extraordinary performances, performed by them in this National Karate Championship. 
Fr. Athnas Lakra, S.J. 
Campion School, Arera Colony Bhopal 

Posted on: 06/10/2017