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Campion School boys attend Pachmarhi scouts camp “Scout & Guide Camp” organised By “Bharat Scouts & Guides National Traning Centre” At Pachmarhi
“A Week of Scout Camp Life is worth Six months of Theoretical teaching in the Meeting Room” and “Adventure is not only for fun and entertainment but also for education”. By keeping these Inspirational Quotes in mind, 158 Scout boys and girls students for Pratham & Dwitiya Sopan batch of Campion School Arera Colony, Bhopal along with Seven Instructors and Vice Principal escorts attended Six days (8th march till 13th march) “Scout & Guide Camp” at Pachmarhi, Dist. Hoshangabad (M.P). It was organized by the “Bharat Scouts & Guides National Training Centre” of Pachmarhi.  Scouting & Guiding activities are the Integral Part of Campion School Calendar.
The team is led by Campion School Vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., as a “Scouter Incharge” and Johnsy Koshy Sir as a “Camp Leader” along with Mr. Sanjay Mishra, Mr. Vikas Saxena, Mr. Vibhore Tiwari, Mrs. Christina Niley as a Instructor from Campion School of this Camp along with Mr. Nilesh Napit and Mr. Pankaj from Bharat Scouts & Guides Centre. Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., Superior Fr. Christdhari Kujur S.J., Bursar Fr. Ashok were also present for one day in this “Scout Camp” to motivate all of them.
The “Scout Camp” day began with the hoisting & honour of unfurling the Scout flag by Mr. Nilesh Napit from “Bharat Scouts & Guides National Training Centre; Vice Principal Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., and Mr. Johnsy Koshy along with March past. On this occasion Mr. Nilesh welcomed all the Campion Scouts, Instructors etc. and said “It is noteworthy that the Scouts and Guides come from different parts of the country and work together as a unit. Moreover, camps are held in various parts of the country. This would have helped develop many friendships and, I hope, an appreciation for the wide diversity in our country.”
Upon reaching Pachmarhi the boys were told about the rules and the regulations of the camp.  In this Five (5) days Camp so many activities were performed including Making Tent-House, Patrol, First Aid, Health rules, BP’s Six exercises, Wood craft signs, Knots-reef knot, Sheet bend, Clove hitch, Sheep shank, Bowline, Fisherman, round turn two half hitches, Simple Drills, First-aid, Map sketches, stay in tents, shooting with Riffles and Pistles shooting, Horse riding, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Archery, Crossing Carious Obstacles and Hurdles, Trekking on various historic and beautiful places like Bee Fall / Apsara Vihar, Chauragarh/Mahadev, Pandav Caves, Jatashanker, Rajendra Giri, Handi Khow, Richh Garh, Dhoop Garh etc.  
The main adventure activity was Obstacle crossing in which there were various activities like Chimney climbing, Russian wall, Ladder climbing etc. After this they were taken to the lake side field and the boys did horse-riding, archery and pistols and rifles. The trek of 12 kilometres to Bee Fall and later they did rock climbing, valley crossing, and rappelling which was quite adventurous. The boys also trekked for 7 kms, Jatashankar temple & 10 km to Choragarh and they had to climb 1600 stairs to reach the temple. On the way to Choragarh they visited Gupt Mahadev temple. It was indeed an incredible experience. Games and every day Camp Fire are the other attractive activities of the Camp programmes.
Scouts had enjoyed these days very much. As part of lessons learnt from cleanliness drive at school the boys collected all the wrappers in a gunny bag. Besides it Scouts and Guides participate in the Testing Camps held time to time at different venues.
On this occasion Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., and Vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., said “This type of camp activities help us to learn so many life skills of surviving in various adverse situations. To be with nature in its present form is of us most important in our life. It surely satisfies our truth seeking hunger. They taught various life skills by teaching and showing the Scouts. These Six (6) days were being remembered to the participants throughout their lives”.
In all it was an enjoyable & adventurous “Scout Camp” and everyone returned with fond memories.

Posted on: 15/03/2018