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“International Yoga Day" Organized at Campion School with Full Zeal and Enthusiasm
"Yoga, embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action, restraint and fulfillment, harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being." We all of us known very well that June 21St has been declared as the "International Yoga Day" by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. Campion School organized Yoga Sessions for the students on 21st June 2018. Hundreds of students took part in the session. In an endeavour to the students and teachers to participate actively on the occasion of International Yoga Day today in the premises of Campion School. 

Hundreds of Students participated in this Yoga day under the Guidance of HOD Physical Education Mr. Johnsy Koshy Sir and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Sanjay Mishra Sir. The students were taught  various Aasanas starting with  warming up and stretching followed by the series of Surya Namaskar, Padmasana  - Paschimottasans – Pawan Muktasana  - Vajrasana – Dhanurasana – Chakrasana – Sarvangasana – Halasana – Bhujangasana and ending with Shavasana etc. After Asanas session students were also taught the Pranayama – For Longevity.By this Yoga sessions the students were educated on the importance of Yoga. They were explained that yoga helps in maintaining not only physical and mental health but also a healthy social life.  Students learn yoga to keep physically fit and mentally healthy. It brings a divine glow on the face and makes us wise. 
On the occasion of this International Yoga Day Principal Fr. said “Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that evolved over thousands of years to embrace a wide range of styles and disciplines, aims to transform human body and mind. It is a science that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, a greater sense of awareness and higher consciousness. So, Yoga is an ascetic discipline which is practiced for good health and relaxation”. He also pointed out the contribution of yoga in maintaining fitness and good health and how it helps students to memorize something and understand a concept and its context”. On this occasion Senior Teacher and Lecturer Mr. Mahendra Kothari Sir said that “Yoga is the scientific way of living healthy and increasing life expectancy. It keeps the physician away and helps various parts of the body perform their functions smoothly in proper coordination. It strengthens the immune system and does internal cleansing of blood, body parts, body systems, organs, veins & arteries”.  On this occasion Vice Principal Fr. Amrit lal Toppo S.J., was present along with Senior teachers of the school.

Posted on: 22/06/2018