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‘Atharv Ashwin Apte’ & ‘Pranav Aaditya Singh’ holds First & Second Rank in Bhopal City Respectively “Rashtra Basha Hindi hi Vyaktitva Vikas ka Aadhar hai” “Jila Stariya Pratibha Protsahan Vaad-Vivad Pratiyogita-18”
Debate is a sport which trains one’s analytical, critical, and quick thinking, persuasive speaking, note-taking, speed reading, and in-depth research. Debate does not only teach a person how to win an argument, but also instructs the person for a great amount of life essential skills. A very exceptional competition which calls for a lot of dramatically language, skilful learning and precision were organised recently by the Madhya Pradesh Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, & Hindi Bhavan Nyas Bhopal in which ‘Atharv Ashwin Apte’ Std. XI th student from Campion School Bhopal performed very well in Bhopal District level competition and holds First Rank in debate for the motion on the topic of “Rashtra Basha Hindi hi Vyaktitva Vikas ka Aadhar hai” whereas another student ‘Pranav Aaditya Singh’ from XIth class campion holds Second Rank in debate against the motion in the same topic respectively in “Jila Stariya Pratibha Protsahan Vaad-Vivad Pratiyogita-18” held recently in Hindi bhavan Bhopal Madhya Pradesh . The topic for the Hindi debate was “Rashtra Basha Hindi hi Vyaktitva Vikas ka Aadhar hai”. 
‘Atharv Ashwin Apte’ debate for the motion was well prepared to analyze and distinguish between vital and important points while on the other side ‘Pranav Aaditya Singh’ debate against the motion on the same topic, he presented the ideas in an effective manner. Their way of thinking and convince the listener that their side of proposition was desirable. Both the students hold First & Second Rank in Bhopal District and bags Rs. 500 and 400 cash, Trophy, Memento and Certificate of Merit. 
Every Year Madhya Pradesh Rashtra bhasha Prachar Samiti & Hindi Bhavan Nyas is organizing this Competition for school students in order to motivate them to overcome stage fear and showcase their talents.
This year in this debated competition more than Hundreds of students from 16 Districts including Bhopal and Surrounding areas from various Government, Private, CBSE and other schools were participated.
Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra, S.J. and Vice-Principal Fr. Amritlal Toppo S.J., all the teachers of Hindi Department Mrs. Sushma Saxena, Mrs. Ratna Panvalker, Mrs. Reena Shukla, Mr. Arun Trivedi and Music teacher Mrs. Aishlesha Shiralkar congratulated both the students to hold First & second rank in the Bhopal City and gave their best wishes for their upcoming best performances in State competition.

Posted on: 06/10/2018