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“Writing is the painting of the Voice” Writing is not a competition or a fear, writing is an art, a passion, a love Campion School Organises ‘Calligraphy Writing Workshop’
With the motive to develop creative expression and improve writing skills of the students, workshop on Calligraphy writing for the school students was organised at Campion School. A large number of students took part in the competition. Students were told that this art is an effective way to communicate a message in a beautiful way. Calligraphy writing expert teachers Mrs. Shabista khan and Mrs. Sanghmitra Sen has taken initiative to organise this Calligraphy writing competition for the school students with the help of school cultural committee. The main objective to organise this workshop is to improve presentation skills and to inculcate habit of good handwriting among students. Programme commenced with the short prayer done by Superior Fr. Christdhari kujur S.J. On this occasion vice Principal Fr. Amrit lal Toppo, Bursar Fr. Ashok, management committee member Mr. Mahendra Kothari Sir along with cultural committee coordinator Mrs. Ratna Panwalker were also present. 
All students from class VIth to XII th were participated in it. They exhibited their writing skills in a Booklet through Pencil, Ball pen, Double Ball pen, Gel pen, Sketch pen, Fine marker, bold marker etc. in different forms of calligraphy like Lamar Pen, Aphrodite Slim Pro, Humming bird, Old English, etc. The assessment was done by the members of jury on the basis of writing style, curves and patterns, legibility and neatness, beautification etc. The objectives of this activity were; to motivate children to write neatly in good handwriting, complete the work in the given time, make children aware of correct formation of letter with curves, how to use punctuations including full stop, commas, and capital letters at proper place.
At the end of the workshop the results were announced by the school principal and Top Ten students with their best calligraphy writing were felicitated by the principal father with Certificates & a Pen set along with the calligraphy expert teachers in the next day morning assembly in front of the thousands of students. 
On this occasion Principal Fr. While addressing the students, Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., highlighted the importance of Calligraphy handwriting in students’ life. He said “Our handwriting style depicts our personality traits”. I believe that Calligraphy at school is very important. It benefits students for the rest of their lives. Calligraphy is a cultural essence and must be handed down from generation to generation.
In the end Principal Fr. Congratulated all the Calligraphy expert teachers who take initiative to conducted this workshop for the students along with cultural committee coordinator Mrs. Ratna Panvalker and give their best wishes to the top ten winner of this workshop & all the students who took part in this workshop.

Posted on: 15/10/2018