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On the theme of “Heal the World” Campion School Celebrates Primary Section “Annual Day Function 2018” More than 2000 Kids shown how some human beings polluted Air, Water and Land and how we can stop these Air, Water and Land Pollution Tiny Tots presented these and convey their message through various Songs, Qawwali, Dances, Skits, Dramas & Grand Finale
The School Annual day is perhaps the functions that are most eagerly wait each year. This year too Campion School was begun to prepare well in advance on the Annual day function. This Year Campion School celebrates its Primary Section Annual Day Function on Saturday, 1st December 2018 with amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. Over 2000 students from Primary Section actively participated and made the function an enjoyable experience for all. Cheer and thrill filled the air as the students of the primary wing of Campion School, Arera Colony Bhopal performed during this annual day celebration. On this Annual Day Function lot of programmes like Qawwalis, Dances, Skits, Dramas, Songs Action Songs, etc. were organized.
On the occasion of Annual Day Function-2018 day will be commenced in the evening today. The entrance from Main gate to Play Ground had been beautifully decorated with Eye catching Light decoration, along with flowers and glittering banner. 
This day primary section is determined to show the various programmes on the Theme of “Heal the World”. The Stage was beautifully designed. The program started in the Evening at 5.30 pm. Band Team of the Campion Escorted Chief guest, Guest of Honour, Special guests and Father Principal along with other dignitaries The School Band of 50 students from different classes was trained by Vice Principal Father Amritlal Toppo S.J., The impressive performance of the band enchanted the guests. Welcome dance with beautiful formations by boys; Shower of Flower Petals &  Tilak ceremony were done on the way.  All the guests were accorded floral welcome followed by the Ceremonial lighting of the lamp done by Dr. Rajeev Gupta Professor Cardiology and Cardiologist at Associated Hamidia Hospital, Bhopal the esteemed Chief Guest and Guest of Honour Rev. Father Kalyanus Minj, S.J., Jesuit Provincial Superior, M.P. Province, Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J. vice Principal Fr. Amritlal Toppo, Superior Fr. Christdhari Kujur S.J., Bursar Fr. Ashok S.J., & Headmistress Sr. Lily D’Souza A.C. along sisters and with Senior Teachers and other dignitaries.
The evening was made more colorful with cultural programmes after the principal’s Speech. On this auspicious occasion the “Journey of Campion” over the last 52 years till Current academic Session achievements through Slide show presentation was shared with the huge gathering.  After this, Annual report was read by Primary Headmistress Sr. Lily D’Souza and projection of annual album was present.
On this auspicious and special occasion primary teachers’ given Introduction and children also showcased on the theme “Heal the World” based on the “Air, Water and Land Pollution” problem facing universally including India give all the audience a hard impact message. A wailing earth enters A campionite asks the earth the reason for the crying. Earth then narrates how she came into existence and how God made this beautiful Earth with all living and non living things like Sun, Moon, Planets, trees, flowers, birds, animals and human beings. Then slowly slowly Man’s Greed and need arose and he wanted everything in less time, so many things were invented like Industrial Revolution. This Industrial revolution gave rises the Air, Water and Land pollution. Students from K.G I to Std. Vth show through various Songs, Dances, Qawwalis, Tableau, Plays, Dramas, Skits, etc. How Air gets polluted because of the smoke of factories and vehicles which gives rise to many diseases and how we can prevent it e.g. to grow and plantation trees. Industrial waste all goes into rivers and seas and make the water polluted which affects the health. Students show how we can do the Prevention of water pollution and saving water. Land also got polluted India was known as ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ but slowly slowly with the use of plastic polythene etc. it got polluted. To prevent it, we have to get rid of non biodegradable waste and use biodegradable things. After this Each and every group of primary section gave their performances with full enthusiasm & grace and got a big round of applause which included Qawwalis, dances, songs, dramas and skits. Yoga performances by the Primary Students based on ‘Healing Body, Mind and Soul’, The harm which has been done can be healed by healing mind, body and soul and for that yoga is one of the ways, Healing the Body Along with mind and soul we can heal our body by having a balance between rhythm and body. Basket Ball dance on music for yoga and Dances like Hip Hop along with Gymnastics, Judo and a Thrilling Fusion Dance were also presented by the students. Parents as the audience shall witness a rainbow of programmes organized to entertain them with the enthralling performances of the participants. One of the attractions in this grand day was live performance of One of the most attractive programmes in the end was The Grand Finale, consisted of more than 500 Students play together various dances, Songs and once all the measures for preventing pollution comes into effect, once again we will have happiness all around and our world will be a better place to live in.
Thereafter students are addressed by the chief guest. The Chief Guest highly lauded the Campion school, Management, staff for grooming students to have Indian cultural roots and global eminence. The Hon’ble Chief Guest Dr. Rajeev Gupta while addressing the gathering stated that, Campion school students winning several International, National laurels. Further, stated that when we reward students with prizes, it’s like we are rewarding our state or country’s future. Guest of honor in his Address said that “He viewed that imparting quality education to children has always been a challenge. He added that students should not only be imparted excellent education but also be given great scruples, building up the students with Human Excellence and values so they can effectively serve their state as well as their nation”. 
In the End, The Awards & Prize Distribution ceremony the Chief Guest and other dignitaries gave away prizes to the academically meritorious students of the school. Vote of thanks given by Primary Staff Secretary Mrs. Lovina Luke and Anchoring was done by Primary Teachers Mrs. Reena Majumdar madam and Mrs. Babita Bhakta mam.

Posted on: 05/12/2018