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Tiny Tots of Campion Celebrate “Cubbing Day Camp” With Full Zeal and Enthusiasm
Campion School always focuses on providing children and youth with quality education, equal opportunities, and an environment to develop holistically. To move forward on this way, Tiny Tots from Primary Sections of the Campion School Arera Colony, Bhopal Celebrates “Cubbing Day Camp” today in the “Loyola Auditorium” and Primary Assembly Hall of School Premises. The Cubs at Campion Primary wing have a day camp where the cubs-young ones learn to be disciplined, trained to be more responsible. It’s a day especially designed for Scouts Students. Through this “Cubbing Day Camp” Scout students participated in different games, Dances, skit, advertisement with moral values, various competitions etc. and upholds the Spirit of Brotherhood and Love. Cubbing Day Camp is a programme for fun and activity. Cubbing offers boys in their own community the opportunity to, work and play with others; develop responsibility, increase skills in hobbies and handicraft. Students make some promises on this day. This promise will assist them to develop a sense of Self-reliance, Religion equality, loyalty, obedience, unselfishness and of services to other.
The day began with the Lighting of the Lamp by the Chief guest, Principal Father Fr. Dr.Athnas Lakra S.J., along with Headmistress Sr. Lily D’Souza A.C., Sr. Cresentiya, Sr. Chitra, Primary Staff secretary Mrs. Lovina and Primary Scout incharge teacher Miss Saba Begum. The programme was started through Prayer Session done by tiny tots of the primary section under the guidance of Mrs. Prabha Mathew. A short Prayer Service organised for spiritual upliftment and to invoke God’s blessings. 
Thereafter an Orientation programme organised for the cubs based on ‘True Friendship’ conducted in auditorium. After this hoisting & honour of unfurling the Scout flag by the Chief guest of the occasion Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., along with Headmistress Sr. Lily D’Souza in the primary assembly hall. All the cubs lined up for the flag hoisting with their in charges for flag hoisting. There after Inspection of Cubs ‘Grand Howl’ inspected by the Chief Guest. Baal Geet and Jhanda Geet were sung by the entire scout Cubs of the primary. The Grand Howl signifies to be ready to enter the world of responsibilities filled with challenges. On this Cubbing day camp various games and competitions were organised in the school premises such as Dances, Skit, songs, advertisement with moral values, Cultural & Western dance, and Antakshari and many more etc. Primary section scout Cubs gave their best performances with grace under the guidance of Primary teachers Mrs. Reena Majumdar and Miss Saba Begum and got a big round of applause. The main highlight of the day is “Kawwali” competition by the Primary Teachers for students.
On this occasion Chief guest Fr. Principal blessed the cubs with his divine words “We understand our social responsibility as an Educational Institution This type of activities help us the students to learn so many life skills It surely satisfies our truth seeking hunger. They taught various life skills by teaching and showing the Scouts”. The programme ended with a vote of thanks given by Headmistress Sr. Lily D’Souza A.C. The cubs left with confidence as they learnt a lot throughout the day. 

Posted on: 10/12/2018