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“Launching Future Leaders”

Campion School celebrates “Investiture Ceremony 2017-18”

372 Students take Oath from Sectondary Section

The Feast Of “Fr. E.F.More” Founder Principal

Celebrates with Great devotion, Full Zeal and Enthusiasm

 “If  your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then you are a leader” ; The work of today is the history of tomorrow and we are its makers”. These are the Motivational quotes in the minds of all the 372 newly elected or selected council/Cabinet members, School captain, House captains, Librarians, Bus monitors and School bands from Secondary wings; for the new academic Session 2017-18 of Campion School Arera Colony Bhopal. Feast day” of Founder Principal of Campion School “Fr. E.F. More S.J.” and The Investiture Ceremony” of Campion School Arera Colony Bhopal for the academic session 2017-2018 were held in a very special way at the school in “LOYOLA” Auditorium. The event was presided over by the Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., & the school Superior Fr. Christdhari Kujur S.J., It was conducted with the high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm.

The ceremony began with unfurling the school flag by the school Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J, It was initiated with the Prayer song service “Bless the Lord, Bless our Soul. Followed by Lighting of the lamp by Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., Chief Guest Shri Sushil Prakash M.D. (Omega Renk Bearing Pvt. Ltd.) and Ex-Campionite (Batch 1981), Vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar Kerketta S.J., Superior Fr. Christdhari kujur S.J., Fr. Ashok, Senior Teacher Mr. Mahendra Kothari Sir and Mrs. Lethika Laxmanan along with staff secretary Mrs. Neetu Dongre Mam.This lighting of the lamp signifies removal of darkness continuous upward movement of the flames denotes the path wisdom and divinity. March Past given by the Cabinet. Thereafter the badges were bestowed by the Chief Guest, Principal, the Vice Principal, Superior Father Tresurer Fr. to all the selected candidates.

Principal Fr. declared the name of the selected students from Secondary Section Side in cabinet. Chief guest administered Oath to School captain. Master Amatya Vashisht is selected as a School Captain & Master Justin Jojy Thomas as an Asst. School Captain. Master Anish Dixit declared as a Mr. Prefect and Master Praneet K Magarde as an Asst. Prefect from Gandhi House. Master Satvik Pathak as a Mr. Prefect and Master Pranav Agrawal as an Asst. Prefect from Tagore House. Master Ekagra Bhagat as a Mr. Prefect and Master Manas Sharma an Asst. Prefect from Ashoka House.  Master Amal Anand Dixit as a Mr. Prefect and Master Shabbir Hussain declared as an Asst. Prefect from Nehru House respectively.

 All the Newly elected student council took an oath administered by Fr. Principal in front of the whole school and parents to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them. All the selected students taking this Oath Ceremony under the guidance of Commanding Officer Johnsy Koshy Sir.

The whole school was made aware of the unique election process that takes place in PYP section, which familiarizes them on how democracy works in the whole world.The deserving young talents of the primary & secondary wing were bestowed with the responsibility of leading the school from the front. In the primary and secondary sections students are nominated on the basis of discipline, academics and behaviour so that they can be role models to their fellow schoolmates.  The Investiture ceremony denotes investment in being leaders and the trust and confidence we repose in newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the students’ community in day today functioning of the school, since we believe in child centric approach.

The newly elected council members pledged to work earnestly & keep the school motto of loyalty, truth & honour in high esteem. The School Captain, Asst. Head Captain, Head boy and Asst. Head boy shared their thoughts on taking this esteemed responsibility. The office bearers were encouraged by the motivational speech or words of wisdom given by respected Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., and Chief Guest Mr. Sushil Prakash in their speech congratulated the Cabinet members and the Office Bearers & holds them to honour the responsibility and trust bestowed upon them and to become an example for the others to follow & advised them to take up their duties sincerely & with full commitment.

Before ending of this programme Principal Fr. presented Memento to Chief Guest Mr. Sushil Prakash ex-campionte batch of 1981. In the end of the programme Chief Guest, Principal Fr. along with Staff, Management, Newly selected Cabinet members and all the students moves for Homage to the Tomb of Fr. More.Blessings given by Fr. Superior Christdhari Kujur S.J., Vote of Thanks was given by School Captain Master Amatya Vashistha. Ceremony was conducted by Mrs. Sonali Shrivastava, Mrs. Shazia Ali and Mr. Johnsy Koshy Sir. The ceremony was concluded with the School and National anthem. The ceremony was held with lots of enthusiasm and gusto.

Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J.


Campion School, Arera Colony Bhopal.